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Organic Water Treatment Chemicals
Steam Boilers, Cooling Towers, Hot And Chilled Closed Systems
Fuel Oil Treatment
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Suggested Testing and Frequency

The following is a list of suggested tests and the suggested frequency that the tests should be conducted. Of course, everyone's situation may be a little different. 

System Test

Minimum Frequency

Sodium Zeolite Softener Hardness 1-3 times/day
Elution Study Annually
Inspect Equipment Annually
Resin Analysis Annually
Demineralizer Conductivity Continuously
Silica Continuously
Elution Annually
Inspect Equipment Annually
Resin Analysis Annually
Feed water Hardness 1-3 times/day
Iron Daily
Copper Daily
Oxygen Daily
pH 1-3 times/day
DEHA (if applicable) 1-3 times/day
Boiler D.M / Phosphate (if applicable) 1-3 times/day
P-alkalinity / M -alkalinity 1-3 times/day
Silica 1-3 times/day
Sulfite (if applicable) 1-3 times/day
Conductivity 1-3 times/day
Boiler Inspection Annually
Deposit Analysis Annually
Steam Sodium Test Annually
Conductivity 1-3 times/day (1)
Continuously (2)
Condensate pH 1-3 times/day
Iron Daily
Copper Daily
Corrosion Coupons Quarterly

(1) In low pressure systems where steam purity is not critical.
(2) In high pressure systems that have super-heaters, turbines, or where process steam restrictions apply.

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