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  Dry Storage Of Boilers    

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Dry Storage of Boilers

Whenever a boiler will be out of service for an extended period of time. The following are the steps that should be taken when the dry storage method is employed.

  1. The boiler should be cleaned and inspected. Horizontal and non-drainable boiler tubes should be dried with compressed air.
  2. Apply heat to dry the boiler.
  3. One of the following desiccants should be utilized. Be sure to place this material on wood or corrosion resistant trays.
    1. Activated Alumina (8lbs/100 cubic feet)
    2. Silica Gel (8lbs/100 cubic feet)
    3. Quick Lime (6lbs/100 cubic feet)
  4. Close the boiler.
  5. Open the boiler every 3 months to inspect the desiccant and replace as necessary.

Note that it may be necessary to install heaters to maintain the temperature of the boiler surfaces above the dew point.

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