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After months of steaming, boilers, while SCALE AND CORROSION free, do accumulate certain amounts of suspended matter such as MUD, IRON OXIDES and other light deposits on the TUBES, ON SHELL SIDES and pack up on the bottom of any pressure unit.

This takes place as the boiler cools down!

To be certain these CONTAMINATES do not adhere to the metal surfaces we recommend the following Thermidaire Formula be employed prior to draining and flushing.


A complex liquid chemical designed to prevent these elements form sticking or congealing and are allowed to be carried away with normal water flow as the unit drains. The formula is NON-CORROSIVE and will do no harm or effect any wetted surfaces or structural materials.

Temperature of water should be between 1000F to 1700F and NEVER OVER 1800F.

Thermize will save you time, energy and money, and will result in a cleaner and more efficient boiler when put back into normal operating service.

REQUIRED AMOUNTS :  Steam Boilers One (1) gallon for each 75 HP.


Upon completion of cleaning and inspection as necessary proceed as follows:

Boilers which will not be in active operation for a period of time.

Refill boiler to  absolute water capacity ABOVE TUBE LEVEL. add two (2) quarts of Formula D.M. Concentrate plus four (4) ounces of formula C.T.N.C. or .C.T.B. whichever is used as a pH control. Keep pH between 9 and 10. (if pH lower than 9-10 add more C.T.N.C OR C.T.B ) for every 25 HP. 

D.M will stay as a reserve in the boiler as initial dose until the boiler in active operation. at that time maintain  only your regular dosage. If boiler contains oil, please inquire about our product H.D LIQUID (oil remover).

boilers returning to immediate service after using Thermize proceed with normal water treatment program as before. (one) quart of D.M for every 25 HP, as initial dosage and maintain your regular dosage.

For further detail or information on this SPECIAL Formula from Thermidaire Corporation Canada Limited, please contact your district Sales Representative or this office direct. 905-564-6301.

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