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Protectotherm NF 600


Thermidaire Protectotherm NF 602 Non-foaming,  main advantage lies in the fact that it has a very high penetrating power and very good killing power against micro-organisms at low concentrations.

Thermidaire Protectotherm NF 602 is a biocide, algaecide, fungicide etc. It provides kill with no tolerance build up to the various low form of life organisms, which breed in open cooling tower waters. These algae will grow causing slimes, which may contain inorganic and organic debris mechanically entrapped.

Thermidaire Protectotherm NF 602 is also an all-purpose cooling tower and cooling system treatment, keeping the whole system in proper condition.

Thermidaire Protectotherm NF 602 once added to the water will not evaporate but will remain in solution regardless of the amount of water lost by evaporation in the system. Once the killing concentration is built up.

Thermidaire Protectotherm NF 602. surrounds them with a monomolecular film, which effectively seals them off from any oxygen. As a result, they are smothered to death. No oxygen requiring from of life has ever been able to build up a tolerance to smothering.


Physical state: liquid
Colour: Clear to light yellow


Very effective against algae and slime build-up.
Has extra cleaning capacity.
All purpose cooling tower and system treatment
Easy to handle and apply.
Kills and Controls wide range of bacteria, and algae.
Low odor, non-foaming


Prior to the use of Thermidaire Protectotherm NF 602 in cooling towers water, systems should be cleaned to remove algae growth, Microbiological slime, and other deposits. Then make an initial slug addition of 420 to 1050 ml of Thermidaire Protectotherm NF 602 per 10,000 liters of water in the system. Repeat initial dosage until control is evident. Make subsequent slug additions of 420 to 1050 ml as needed. The frequency of addition depends upon the relative amount of bleed-off and the severity of the Microbiological problems. Slug additions should be made in the sump of water cooling towers.


Thermidaire Protectotherm 601 should be introduced into the system continuously or as needed depending on different factors, such as the temperature, contamination severity, present nutrition substances, and the desired results.


Thermidaire Protectotherm NF 602 is a medium to mild alkali and can be slightly toxic. Irritating to eyes, skin, and mucous membranes. It is a skin sensitize in some individuals. Harmful is swallowed or inhaled. Avoid contact with clothing, eyes and skin, should contact occur, flush immediately with plenty of fresh water. If discomfort persists, seek medical attention. Do not take internally. Wear protective clothing, safety shoes, glasses, goggles keep out of ignition sources. Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated places. Keep container tightly closed. Wash thoroughly after handling. Must not be used where it can come in direct contact with foods

SPILL:  Sweep up liquid with absorbent material and dispose off safely, flush area to drain with plenty of water. Observe local disposal regulation.

Read Material Data Sheets before handling this product.


Thermidaire Protectotherm NF 602 Liquid available in 5 Gallons pails, 45 gallons drums.

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