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  Steam Conversion Factors Tables

Thermidaire Conversion Factors

Mass Conversion - Pounds of Kilograms

Greek Alphabet

Pounds Per Square Inch to Bar(1) Decimal Inches to Millimeters
Pressure Equivalents Temperature Conversions 1
Volume Equivalents Temperature Conversions -2
Volume Rate Equivalents Temperature Conversions -3
Area Equivalents A.P.I. and Baume Weight Factors
Temperature Conversion Formulas Characteristics of the Elements
Conversion Units Properties of Water
Kinematic-Viscosity Formulas Properties of Saturated Steam -1
Useful Conversions Properties of Saturated Steam -2 
Converting Volumes of Gas Properties of Saturated Steam -3 
Fractional Inches to Millimeters Saturated Steam (Metric)
Length Equivalents Properties of Superheated Steam -1
Whole Inch-Millimeter Equivalents Properties of Superheated Steam -2
Metric Prefixes and Symbols Properties of Superheated Steam -3 
Steam Velocity Converting Volumes of Gas
Condensation Rates in Steam Pipes BTU Comparisons
Pipe and Tubing Sizing Kinematic Viscosity - Centistokes
Diameter of Bolt Circles Rating-PSI-Liquid, Gas, Steam
Lengths of Pipe Fittings and Valves American Pipe Flange Dimensions
Drill Sizes for Pipe Taps Standard Twist Drill Sizes
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