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High Pressure boilers (> 900 psig) - All Polymer Program

Thermatreat 308-H


Thermatreat 308-H, High performance blend of low molecular weight sodium polyacrylate and deposit control additives, effectively prevent the accumulation of  scale and sludge, and provides full protection against corrosion and  maintaing efficient heat transfer.
Thermatreat 308-H, high performance dispersant and/or conditioner, disperses the accumulated sludge, enabling it to be removed by normal blow-down, keeping deposits from forming on the water side surface, 
Thermatreat 308-H, decreases the incidence of boiler clean-up, thus lowering operating costs.
Thermatreat 308-H, is an iron transport agent preventing  iron and hardness deposits with high thermal stability


Physical state: Liquid
Colour: Light yellow.


- Effective in the water and vapor phase to 550o C
- Effective sludge dispersant
- Effective scale control for calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate   .
- Effective crystal modifier for calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate and iron oxides
- Expellant dispersant of Iron Oxides
- Effective on line cleaner
- Extremely high temperature stability with no loss of properties
- Compatible with most used water treatment chemicals
- Effective at low feed level
- High anionic
- Chemically stable
- Low order of toxicity


Thermatreat 308-H,dosage is 3 PPM active polymer per PPM feed water hardness.

Oxygen Scavenger, 0.1 - 0.2 PPM residual Hydrazine


Thermatreat 308-H, a continuous feeding by chemical metering pump.


Thermatreat 308-H, avoid contact with eyes and skin, should contact occur, flush immediately with fresh water. If discomfort persists, seek medical attention. Do not take internally.

Read Material Data Sheets before handling this product.


Thermatreat 308-H, is packaged in 200 L none returnable drums.


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